Saturday, January 23, 2010


A bunch of us when rollerskating and it was so much fun! Skate at your own risk......

Me, Brooke, and Jordan...all so excited to rollerskate!

My wicked beat up pair of rollerskates!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Miken!!!

Well Miken turned 19...her last year of being a teenager! :( So we celebrated big time. I made her cupcakes and gave her a necklace and some lip plumper.

My all time favorite picture of the whole day!

We ate Red Robins for Miken's bday..our favorite!

The birthday girl and I! She is the greatest! Hope you had a good birthday Miken!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Smoothie sensation...

So ive had a few requests to post my smoothie recipe. I just made up its name! ha. Ok so I dont really have exact amounts or anything for this smoothie..just the ingredients so you just get to decide how much you want.
Vanilla Yogurt
Frozen Mixed Berries
Coconut (optional)
If you guys think of any other good things to put in there leave a comment!

Hey!!! It's me....Kate!!

So I just randomly decided to start a here is what has been going on lately in E- Town.....
There has been an ice festival going on in Edmonton so I went with a bunch of friends to go check it out!

Here are the girls I hang with most in Edmonton!!

Carl, Miken, and Janna....the girls im always with!!

Miken and Janna!

Carlene and I at the ice festival!

Janna and I rockin to party in the USA!


So I love smoothies! I make them at least 3 times a week...BUT they are healthy ones so it ok! I have made a new addition to my fruit smoothies...COCONUT!! DELICIOUS!