Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1 more week!!!

Well everyone I only have one more week of school! yay! Its crazy how fast time has gone...I'm already almost done one year of university! So studying sucks....I have 5 more tests still and I'm already sick of studying...I have a feeling that is a bad sign!!! BUT...when thinking I only have a week left of school it makes me super excited for summer because now I get 4 months of summer instead of just 2! yay! I cant wait for...Echo, Boating, Swim Suits, Bonfires, Playing with Friends, Side walk chalk, Going on walks, Taking Pictures in the Sun, Squinting becuase the sun is in your eyes, Sun Burns, Cherries, Camping, hanging out with the Fam Jam and sooo much more!! yay!!! I LOVE SUMMER!!

My FAVORITE memories of past summers...and why I'm so excited for this summer..potentially the best summer EVER!!

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  1. I LOVE THE SUMMER! since we both love it so much we should love it together!